firmware procedure android 6.0 for moto g 2nd (xt1069 / xt1068 / xt1078)

Original firmwares for moto g 2nd generation xt1069 / xt1068 / xt1078 on android version 6.0.

1 – Extract the firmware files in a specific folder for each model.
2 – Extract the file "fastboot.rar adb" in each folder that contains the firmware.
3 – Put your phone into fastboot mode, and connect to your computer.
4 – Open the file "comandos para o moto g" and copy all file commands.
5 – Open the folder for your phone model (xt1068 / xt1069 / xt1078), click the right mouse button and within that folder. Select the "Open command window here" option.
6 – Will open a screen where you should paste the command that you copied earlier.
7 – Click ENTER and wait finish the process.

obs ( see the pictures how to download the firmware)
ADB FASTBOOT:http://*******/1X8XXP
DRIVER DA MOTOROLA:http://*******/1Wof2g

ROM 6.0 XT1068:http://*******/1X8X3P
ROM 6.0 XT1069:http://*******/1X8X6e
ROM 6.0 XT1078 4G:http://*******/1X8X9Q

Credits ( COMO ATUALIZAR O MOTO G 2014: ANDROID 6.0 OFICIAL MODELOS XT1068/ XT1069 XT1078 4G | DicaSouza )

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