First in the world Repair IMEI G530M with Z3X

Method checked, Patch IMEI for SM-G530M with Z3X 😎

1. Root the phone with THIS file
2. Enable USB Debugging, Enable DM+ADB+MODEM
3. In Z3X PRO read QCN with G530M model
4. Wipe EFS/NVM (without backup QCN file restore)
5. Disable/desactivate MSL
6. Select G7102 model, Repair IMEI (write anyone)
7. Restore QCN file from backup in step 3
8. Write THIS firmware
9. Make a wipe data/factory reset, cache, reboot and enjoy! 😀 😀 😉

PLEASE not update the firmware, or lose the signal. 😀

Patch certificate DONE 1st in the World by Z3X Team 😉

PS: Firmware compilation name (G530MUBU1ANL1_G530MUUB1ANL1_G530MUBU1ANL1_HOME)