[FIX] Sprint HTC One M9 Limited Service After Unlock in Sprint Tab.

Hello, first sorry if my English is a little bad 🙁

The Fix Is
1 – Call 911 and close this call in 10 second, your phone get signal for 5 seconds
2 – Relock your phone ##786# (Read your spc in xtc2clip)
3 – Select Reset and type your SPC
4 – Write secflag off and super cid
5 – Downgrade with this Firmware
6 – Copy files for m9 and m9 sprint in Special Unlock/Imei of the xtc2clip tool
7 – Power off your phone
8 – Put your xtc2clip flex in your one m9
9 – Power On your m9 in FTM Mode and wait for xtc2clip make your work 🙂
10 – When your phone reboot put your sim card and select gsm/utms
11 – Now you can update this phone by ota download :D:cool: 😎

if they have a problem they can send a private message, I can read all day ;);):cool::cool::D:D:):)