For those like me who suffered with a G920t or G925T with drk damaged knox void:

Hi, i just wanted to share some info i found around the web to solve this issue. So by no means im responsible for finding this out. Ok, so i got a phone a couple days ago which has been worked on before and it had version PF1 of the G920T. Found out that Knox was void so i knew it was a big deal of a problem since Imei was lost and no drk present. So it was very damaged. Tried as many things as i could. I didnt have the Gcp so i knew i had my hands full. Finally read something that made a lot of sense to me and tried it, sure enough it worked and i have tested it on G920T and G925T and it has worked. Lets cut the crap and go straight to business:

The downside, you got to have a Z3x and an Oct box also. Dunno if it might work with a different box but i was lucky i had both mention in the post:

Ok, for some reason i have find many issues working on modern security phones with any kind of sim card inside and i can assure you this will not work if you dont remove the sim from the phone you will work on. Trust me, tried it many times to check if it was me or if its really something that happens when sim card is inside.

First thing firs

1. First you need to flash it with latest firmware(again, i havent tried this on latest PH version but i did on PF1, and i read PH will downgrade to PF1 so that wont be an issue).
2. Root the phone with CFroot
3. Repair drk with Z3x box before anything else, it will work trust me
(If you have the same problem as i did with horizontal inverted touch after drk repair just hit #*2441*, remember the touchscreen is working opposite sides of what it should so normally it would be *#2663#, the hit the update touch firmware and it should go back to normal after that)
4. Use your Oct box and repair the efs
5. After that connect your beloved Z3x box and reset efs(At this step, phone started to give me the "This phone has been flashed with something weird whatever message is" so i flashed it with the stock sboot for PF1 and it stopped. Dunno if it is really necesary, i did because i didnt wanted to see the damn message lol…
6. Then, connect the Oct box once more and wipe efs, repair security
5. Finally, write your desired cert with Oct box and voila, you will have a working phone again.

Hope i could help some of you who maybe are banging your heads against the wall with this problem since those solutions arent easy to find and many cost you money nowadays. Cheers guys