Founded iPhone 5s with unreleased ios 9

I’ve got founded iPhone 5s with unreleased IOS 9. With that ios build theres no info on internet about beta versions and etc. I goted that iphone last year , when where was no such thing IOS 9, And even beta versions for developer. Just pangu tool showet that its ios 9, and it has build number, witch i cant find any info on internet, And i cant to restore it because itunes shows varios error codes, When i try to restore with pangu , it says apple server rejected it.
On iphone unlock screen says confidential and proprietary call …
So its realy intresting , what can I do with, I cant go inside ,because it has passcode on it ,and now iPhone is disabled after unlucky guesess 😀
So maby someone has any suggestoins what to do with it ? For parts , ebay , or
something more ?
I uploaded info from pangu.
P.S really sorry for my english