Free Licence Of URPSM | Free Phone Part Selling/Buying | Free Server Owner License…

URPSM is a big web-application dedicated to help and manage phone shops by simplify 50% of tâches ,also we had think about the dhru server owner it time to you to share your service in the world ( very big people network )
and sharing phone components (part) was never easy like URPSM do

– Find all information about your revenues | current : current month revenues | Upcoming revenues : order not paid yet | Total revenues : client price + addons price – addons original price
– client numbers
– how many components shared


– Find here all shop near by you in your city | see the phone part they share for sell | share your phone part for selling tow also
– Search barre will help you to find part quickly


– Add your clients by there information
– Print ticket for your clients ( ticket have QR-code = this will Allows to your client to see the status of there phone en-line by scanning this code with (phone camera )
– Change status of the phone when it ready | Mark the phone as paid ( controlled by user ho do the operation )
– Add price of phone part when it Necessary to repair phone | buy price / sell price
– Delete the order if necessary ( Admin user only can do it )


– Add your components for selling
– manage your components | already sold / not yet |


– Add users to your shop-management ( technician or worker also second admin )
– manage users ( block – delete … )


– unlock your clients phones by Imei
– manage all order in one place
– every (dhru server) give one or tow network operators a big network of unlocking will be soon created
– For server owner please contact as for more information