FRP Allview A5 Easy mediateck phone MT6572_S00 cpu

Need options for FRP unlock for Mediateck CPU (Allview A5 Easy). Blocked with google account.
Other competitors added this options :

Phone must be off with battery inside. Please insert USB cable now… Detected : PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM9) Phone detected…Please wait Sending DA agent, please wait… BaseBand CPU :MT6572_S00 BaseBand CPU Secure Version : FF BaseBand CPU Bootloader Version : 01 —————————————————- INT RAM: 128 KB SDRAM EXT RAM: 1 GB DRAM —————————————————- EMMC: (58Gb+8192Mb) HYNIX 0x483847316505 EMMC FW VERSION: 07:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 EMMC CID: 90014A48384731 : 000000000000000000 EMMC UA SIZE: 0x1d2000000 BOOT STYLE: EMMC BOOT FULL LENGTH: 0x1d2c00000 [7.293 GB] Checking data….wait! FORMAT EMMC FLASH : BEGIN: 0x3e40000 – LEN: 0x100000 FRP Reset Done. Wait untill phone will start charging. All done.