[FRP RESET PACKS] Request here if FRP Reset Pack for your phone was not in UMT ★★★★★

For Samsung Newer Firmware Phones, we have option to apply direct FRP Reset Pack to enable FRP Removal.

We have already added few FRP Reset Packs with GSM 1.9 Installer which you can locate in following folder:



Reset Pack for some other phones are also uploaded on support, so you can download them and put in same folder. Software will automatically read them.

Already Included FRP Reset Pack for the following phones:
– SM-A800F
– SM-G550FY
– SM-G920T
– SM-J200G
– SM-J500F
– SM-J700F
– SM-N920G
– SM-A310F
– SM-A510F
– SM-J120F

If you still can not find FRP Reset Pack for your phone, you can post here information about your phone.

Connect your phone in Normal Mode, select Modem port and tick Reset FRP and click on Reset.

If your phone need Reset Pack, UMT will tell you.

You must copy and paste full log here to get your required Reset Pack. It may take few hours to prepare Reset Pack and upload to support.

For avoid spamming, please follow the steps I have told.

Any Off-topic post will be deleted. Also, don’t post any link etc.

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