fujitsu m532 breaked please help me

Colleagues, help with the problem.
Fujitsu m532 tablet was root. Decide to make him trim, and then started to slow down terribly.
After him became a hard brick. The screen does not turn on, does not boot tablet itself. But he is seen in the mode of APX.
As I understand it fail bootloader. How can I restore it? read that the Tegra 3 processor, requires a special key encryption, which is for each processor separately and they encrypted the bootloader. Is it possible to return the tablet to life?
sorry for my english…

I use nvflash, but i have problem:

Nvflash v1.2.57794 started
rcm version 0X4
Command send failed (usb write failed)

Nvflash v1.2.57794 started
Using blob v1.1.57813soft SK
uid read failed
just led lite and vebrite

Please, help me…