Future virus can be listed and removed is an example by Avenger unique feature.

New Future virus can be listed users themselves and removed future virus by Avenger Box (World First Unique feature)

Well, I have found some new malwares in my device which could not be removed with any device in the market.

A: I have avenger Box;).
B: So what ?
A: Wait, let me explain, till then shout your ***** please 🙂

1.Open its "Malware Utils"
2. Then Click "Manage Database"
3. Now let me add two mailware name namely "NolconApp.apk" and "NGP.apk" as shown below:

4. Root the mobile with busy box

5. Now, ready to remove android malwares 😉 as shown below :

pic hosting

World First Removing malwares namely "NolconApp.apk", "NGP.apk" and other future virus with Avenger!!!

Lets see who will be the first copy and past this feature will be listed as Paster;)

Dipendra Pathak