g313mu no unlock

hi the following to detail is passing me two g313mu and read several posts and there is still no solution after everything I did and I did all I need an octopus solution team if decean sent him the log but of little use I think step detail.
1: I unblocking followed the steps and everything went well restart the phone and ask me unlock code, Try to enter code 00000000 and did not work also try to 12345678, 87654321, 11111111 and even more so did not work either.
2: I did a reading verification code and ends nothing but shows nothing on one occasion gave me the message reading done and still did not give me the unlock code this will automatically and manually and did nothing.
3: reinstall the firmware did the previous steps and a mix of them and yet not unlocked.
4: reistale the firmware again and root them did the above steps and still continues to seek to restart unlock code.
5: reinstall the firmware again and one root cell allowed me installing a new certificate’ve made steps 1 and 2 and still continues to request unlock code.
6: talk to the technical service GsmServer and asked me to send an email directly octopus did and still received no reply also send the log but I think of little use.
7: use another pc and another operating system does not unlock anything aunue says that if he did use official and unofficial wires and still does not unlock continues to request unlock code.
8: I have installed the latest vercion of octopus samsung and all updated 3 pc.
9: I did ue recommended in other post as a reading disconnect and connect and to no avail, the two cell I will repair network one of them proper activation did the other I keep perform the above steps rewrote the sais and no ue more was done.

it has only happened to me with this model I need help :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused::confused::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::conf used::confused::confused::confused: