G903f sucsesfull unlocked but can’t permanently fix FRP error

Hi all,

two days ago i have unlocked a 5.1.1 G903f, rooted with a file named "CF-Auto-Root-s5neolte-s5neoltexx-smg903f.tar.md5"

one day after custumer bring it back with "custum binary blocked by FRP lock" error, i fixed it with reset FRP, but today he has bring it back with the same error.

he said that after changing sim the probleme came again.

so is this repair FRP fonction, a permanently or temporaly solution ?



Searching Samsung USB Flash Interface... detected COM14
Setup connection... OK
Reading PIT from phone... OK
Searching FRP lock... OK
Erasing FRP... OK
Searching Reactivation lock... not supported
Searching EE lock... OK
Erasing EE lock... OK
Reset done
Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.24.3