G920A drk fix failed

I used version 2.2.4 and it failed, I will try with neswer version as soon as I download it

but I wanted to comment anyway


Bienvenido en  Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software versión 2.2.4
Plataforma: Samsung Android
Puerto seleccionado: COM24
Modelo seleccionado: SM-G920A
Modelo del teléfono detectado: SM-G920A
Fecha de creación del firmware: Fri Jan 29 17:17:52 KST 2016
PDA version: G920AUCU3BOJ9
CSC version: G920AATT3BOJ9
Versión del SW: G920AUCU3BOJ9
Phone SN: R38G50G1H4R
Android version: 5.1.1 (LMY47X)
Country: USA
HW platform: exynos5
HW Chip: exynos7420
HW Modem: SHANNON333
Codename: zeroflteuc
Initializing exploit...
Executing exploit...
Cannot load library!
DRK fixing failed!
Performed by 2.2.4 software version