G920f unlock failure

Waiting For Device… OK
Please Tap on ‘OK’ in ‘Allow Usb Debugging;’ Pop-up on Device Screen!
Device Status: [ONLINE]
Model : SM-G920F
Manufacturer : samsung
Serial No. : RF8H10MP3LJ
PDA Version : G920FXXU3COI9
CSC Version : G920FBTU3COJ1
SW Version : G920FXXU3COI9
Android Version : 5.1.1
Build ID : LMY47X
IMEI : ( not readed here but imei is correct )
Sales/Country Code : BTU
Built Date : Fri Sep 25 16:07:03 KST 2015
Checking Root Permission… OK
Prepairing… OK
Reading NV Data… OK..OK..Fail! -20
Stopping ADB Service… OK
Operation Time: 00:02:03

I need a solution to unlock this phone.
Plz Dont write any thing like :
– this is beta ..
– not supported …
– etc etc etc ..
I have this box for more than 4 years and could not use it at all …
I did not even recovered the invested money in it.
Nothing is working at all , you want a proof look to the log above.