G920I 5.1.1 OJ6 Unable to flash eng Sboot.bin


I have a S6 G920I on 5.1.1. I rooted before i completed the IMEI repair. had to backup the cert.

I have the Factory binary: COMBINATION_XSA_FA50_G920IDVU2AOL1_XSA2AOL1_CL6411 720_QB7437590_REV02_user_mid_noship.tar.md5

however, everytime i tried to flash the eng sboot.bin from the above binary, i get this error:

sw rev. check fail device:3 Binary: 2

This error typically shows when we try to downgrade, but in this case, my stock was OJ6, and I’m flashing OL1 … factory binary is newer.

I’m able to flash G920IDVU3DOL5_G920IODD3DOL1_G920IDVU3DOL5_HOME

then flash back to G920IDVU3DOJ6_G920IXSA3DOJ6_XSA

just cannot load the eng sboot so i can write the cert.

GCPro software says Custom kernel can allow me to write cert on a rooted phone as well? anyone know which kernel i can use to accomplish this?