G920i DRK Fixed thanks to z3x team !!!

Here are the required steps:

1.- Flash the stock firmware to the phone, 5.1.1 or 6.0
2.- Put the phone in download mode
3.-Press Repair DRK And wait…
4.- After the process digitizer will be reversed, if you press number 3 will be pressed number 5 and viceversa…

To fix digitizer just do this:


Dial *#2663# in the dialer and update the touch screen panel firmware by selecting ‘TSP FW update (General)’ button.

Thanks: @Wuby986 and @ MMDragonRanger from xdadevelopers for this solution and muray.mv to post it.

Here the log file:

Checking Recovery file… OK
Searching USB Flash Interface… detected COM13
Setup connection… OK
Reading data from phone… OK
Sending data to phone… OK
Sending data to phone… OK
Waiting ADB device… OK
Reading phone info…
Android version: 6.0.1
Boot version: G920IDVU3EPD2
Platform: exynos7420
Boot serial: 06157df6358b7101
Product board: zerolte
Initializating zTool… OK
Running zTool, please wait…
Start… OK
Init… OK
Generate and check client proof… OK
Verify proof by client… OK
Checking DRK status… NG!
Writing DRK… OK
Checking DRK status…
Repairing DMVT key… OK
Rebooting phone… OK
Repair DRK done
Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.25.2

Thanks again z3x team !!


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