G920K write imei show fail with MSL

What problem? pls help me how to fix it?


Device Info
  SerialNumber:  03157df3c407a540
  Hardware:      samsungexynos7420
  Model:          zerofltektt
  PDA Version:    G920KKKU3DPD2
  Phone Version:  G920KKKU3DPCR
  Bootloader ver: G920KKKU3DPD2
  Ril HW ID:
  Sales Code:    KTC
  Model ID:      UNKNOWN
  Get Bluetooth info failed
  WiFi MAC:      00:12:36:e0:28:f0
  WiFi interface:
  WiFi state:    SCANNING
  Root Access:    ROOTED

Time used : 3.4 s

Connect to device ...
Device Authentication ... failed with MSL