G925F stuck at Samsung screen

Hello there,
I got a Samsung G925F S6 Edge and it is stuck in Samsung S6 Edge Logo. I have read about this problem for more than a day and I saw something about DRK. I read about Z3X’s Reset DRK function and flashing a kernel, but no success. If I reset DRK with Z3X or if I flash a recovery myself, the phone keeps rebooting at Samsung screen, unless I flash the phone. Also since the first time I resett’ed DRK in this phone the LED light is shining, and it wont stop no matter what you do. I tried various methods like flashing 5.1.1 firmware (sboot error, and if I bypass sboot flashing with z3x phone still is stuck in the samsung screen). I tried various recoveries and kernels, I tried resetting DRK for more than 10 times probably but nope. Also I don’t know if this helps, but I can’t make the phone stay off, it automatically boots. Help me please.