G925F urgent help!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hi please i need an urgent help i flashed for error this file
COMBINATION_OXA_FA50_G925FXXU5APK6_OXA5APK6_CL6658 768_QB11572664_REV02_user_mid_noship.tar.rar

this contain also sboot and i forget to remove it, now my phone stuck on logo can’t enter in recovery and want accept any firmware i try whit
G925FXXS4DPJL_6.0.1_4File_Malaysia and G925FXXU4DPJN_6.0.1_4File_Russian Federation.7z

the phone is origin have this


probably i understand that sboot is update and phone don’t want accept this flash, so i try also removing sboot in this flash but nothing.
Someone can help me to solve it.