G930F dead after box root !~


Waiting ADB device… Ok
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-G930F
Android version: 6.0.1
Product code: SM-G930FZSVXSG
Phone version: G930FXXU1BPJE
PDA version: G930FXXU1BPJE
CSC version: G930FOJV1BPH4
CSC country code: UAE
CSC sales code: XSG
HW version: MP 0.700
Phone SN: RZ8H51F3ADP
Chip name: EXYNOS8890
Modem board: SHANNON335
RF cal date: 20160210
Checking Super user right… false
Rebooting to download… Ok
Checking local file… Ok
Searching server… Ok
Compare local and server file… OK (up to date)
Searching USB Flash interface… COM30 detected
Setup connection… Ok
Reading data from phone… Ok
Sending data to phone… Ok
Waiting ADB device… timeout
Phone not found

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.27.2

phone cant go with download mod
i also use download mod cabel