GALAXY G3 SPD7710G Write flash Error

Phone problem is hang on logo >>>>> Erase successfully but write fail. now phone is dead!!

Action : Write Flash
Boot : SC7702/7710-EMMC
1.Remove Battery, Insert usb cable, Insert battery
2.power off Phone, Remove & Reinsert Battery , insert USB Cable
(In Case Some Phone Required to hold bootkey)
Waiting for Phone Usb….
Phone found : SPRD U2S Diag (COM8)
Bootstrap: SPRD3
Connected done.
sending 1st boot…
1st Boot is done.
Waiting for Boot init…
Switching Baudrate to 115200
Sending 2nd Boot…
2nd Boot done.
Waiting for Boot init…
SC Boot Ver : 7710
SC Boot Mode : 7710DA0000005A00
Loading CST Boot image to RAM…
The CST Boot runs normally.
CHIP : SC7702
CPU ID : 7710DA00
NAND Size: 512MB
NAND Name: NAND_TYBC0A111236KC10
Boot Information completed.
Flash Image size : 528.00MB

Erasing …
The eraser is completed.
Error: Please use the correct CSTool ‘s backup file.

Action completed
Time taken : 00:00:27
Reconnect Battery/USB Cable
CS-Tool Ver 1.41