Galaxy Note 4 N910a dm/dum over hs-usb bootloop

Hi I was trying to unlock my Galaxy Note 4 n910a with chimera and i went to one of the service menus like it said to do *#9090# and I acdently clicked dm/dum over usb instead of dm/dum over hsic and my phone restarted and when It came back on it wouldnt turn on, so I factory reset it, and that didnt work, then I got the odin files and flashed it and that didnt work. every time I turn on the phone it turns on and loads up to the android is optimizing apps thing then before it can load all the way it stops and restarts itself.
I am able to boot into download mode or recovery mode fine and the phone will sit there for as long as I want but when I turn it on regular it restarts itself every couple minutes and there is no way for for to get into the phone to wipe the efs and do all the steps that ive been reading about to fix this issue.

can someone please help