Galaxy S4 Duos GT-i9192 Mini Motherboard Problem

The story goes like this model because it is that I brought it because it was off and according to customer put it to load and suddenly you turn off to get him because he proce make cleaning isoprilico alcohol and then stuck it in the best ultrasonic washing for a period of 40 minutes after that the card is dry and has hechar prodeci clenear contact Spray resoldo then the ****er and ready the phone smoothly lit with all its normal functions as a speaker, microphone, wireless headset, etc. It is that a week brings the customer back but this time off and just gave a little maintenance with alcohol and wipe with a heat gun smoothly turning the phone again but after a while I get a problem acontinnuacion I show them the picture:

good as puden appreciate there in’d think photography is problem on the display but it brought me one for changing battery and so I became convinced that is not the display having problems display s4 I’m postiando I is not corrupted tried another equal and here I have pictures where I can show it is in perfect condition so if I see that grabs as it shuts down and starts to tremble and lots of stripes as television get when you go signal I recommend doing about it … here I leave a video in which I look for the technical glitch that I describe them:…ture=*********