Galaxy S5[klte] – G900F IMEI and Baseband is NULL (Warranty Rejected)

I need urgent help for this situation. Please read this fully.

I flashed G900FQ firmware (G900FQJVU1CPE2_G900FQTUR1CPE2_G900FXXU1CPB8_HOME .tar) on G900F (G900FXXU1POK5_G900FAUT1POK1_G900FXXU1POJ1_HOME .tar , not %100 sure on this but it was 5.0 AUT version) then imei became null. It is because of different modems?

I then turned back but no success 🙁

G900FQ = Turkish name of G900F, I flashed because I thought signals would be better as phone is from Switzerland (AUT) and I live in Turkey.

Phone is fully legit and I registered the imei to use in Turkey. (Paid $ 50 because Turkish government needs money to register it.)

Also I do not know what cdma is but this phone has sim card slot, not specific for a operator and it is qualcomm based with lte support.

I sent phone to warranty but rejected due to Knox status being 0x1.

How can I get imei back without box, jtag etc…? Is that possible?

I tried to use nv reader writer but it said SPC code is wrong. People on youtube use this method to fix their galaxy s4 so it does not need specific spc code and mine does? Is there any tool that can help me getting SPC code? (Without box)

Can I use cracked cdma workshop 2.7 for one time usage to fix this?


  • Serial number stays.
  • Wlan is working and its mac address is correct.
  • I have a old efs backup when imei was ok but it is only folder and it does not have any nv data.
    IMEI folder has only mps_code .dat and its data is "AUT".
  • I backed up properly after losing imei with EFS pro. It contains modem .bin, nvrebuild1 .bin, nvrebuild2 .bin, …
    Half of nvrebuilds are filled and other half is 000000…
  • I tried to restore efs folder but no luck. I think it is because of it does not contain any nv data…
  • Tried other qualcomm tools like qpst, qualcomm nv tool but all of them wants SPC code and 000000 is not working.
  • I tried flashing bunch of firmwares:
    *Lollipop (5.0) AUT.
    *Turned back to G900FQ turkish firmware.
    *Android 6 AUT firmwares (Two versions).
    *These modem files: (CP_G900FXXU1ANE2 .tar, CP_G900FXXU1CPB8 .tar)

So, box is necessary to fix this? Box will be my last chance because in Turkey people want to steal imei codes and they want a lot of money to fix imei.

Thank you for help. Phone is sleeping for 4 months.


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