GPGIndustries Presents Motorola Factory Pro Cable | Ultimate FastBoot Cable for Moto

Description :

Motorola Factory cable is used for put phone into Fastboot mode without any hassle. In Motorola Phones there is always Headache of battery Charging. If you get phone from your customer for servicing like, Flashing, updating etc. and by chance it’s battery is less than 20% so when you will Normal usb cable in fastboot it will say "Battery is down. Can not program" So this headache is also can be solved with this Motorola Factory Cable. You don’t have charge your phone’s battery. if you have Motorola Factory cable. it’s support many Motorola Devices. For some devices you even don’t need to have battery.

Key Features:

Put fastboot mode without hassle.
Flash your phone with RSD even with low battery.
in some Moto you even don’t need to insert battery.
in some Moto you can put phone into fastboot mode even if volume buttons are damaged

Sample Video: