[GSM][1.5] DB Partition Backup Problem

Hello Dear Support;
I tried to backup partition from a rooted Huawei G630, the partition has been saved in "tmp" dir, with def name, but the was zip no file in backup folder except a file name "G630-U10_riber Info" with 0 byte in size. 🙂
I hope this feature in not limited to some brand only!


Port    : ADB Interface
Baud Rate    : Not Applicable
Device    : Android
Operation    : Backup/Wipe Partition
Searching for Device... Found
Model    : G630-U10
Version    : 4.3
Hardware    : qcom
Baseband    : 203040,203040
CPU    : armeabi-v7a
Type    : GSM
IMEI(1)    : riber Info:        <----- What is this?!
Checking Root Status...
Root Status    : Rooted
Starting Partition Backup [mmcblk0p18]... OK
Preparing Compressed (ZIP) Backup... OK
Backup    : G630-U10_riber Info:_160103_144419_Backup.zip
Operation Finished.
Elapsed Time: 00:20
Module Ver. [1.5]

– in there a thread for request new feature?! or just request in last release post!