Gsmtrakcer a.k.a rilind suka clear ur dues for icloud

Dear Gsm Hosting users, for my first time reporting someone on the market feedback , as from long time on icloud market, most of resellers here know me, becareful with this guy he asked for service iCloud Clean 24h to pay with skrill , i said ok sent money in advance he asked do a test order, which was 6 imei only, payment was after with 5k deposit , after unlock done in less 18h, he wanted to make deposit 5k, he delayed his deposit or even the due to me, i dont want his money he is not serious, becarful with him , cheater like this mo**** f***** need to go in jail.

PHONE NUMBER:+38649356487

his Due is 1,080$ only
is not big , but is my money and for market i thing is to aware others about my issue

i m working with many many resellers on this market but this guy, deserve to be posted