GT-I9300 imei 0000000000000/01 solution?



Checking environment ...
System Info
  Display ID:    KTU84P
  System Ver:    4.4.4 REL
  API Level:      19
  Incremental:    E210SKSUKOL2
  Model:          SHV-E210S
  Brand:          samsung
  Device:        c1skt
  Platform:      exynos4
  Language:      en
  Rigion:        GB

Device Info
  SerialNumber:  42f7e3070ee58f7f
  Hardware:      SHV-E210S
  Model:          c1skt
  PDA Version:    E210SKSUKOL2
  Phone Version:  E210SKSUKNK4
  Bootloader ver: E210SKSUKOL2
  Ril HW ID:
  Sales Code:    SKT
  Model ID:     
  Get Bluetooth info failed
  Get WI-FI info failed
  Network [1]:    GSM    IMEI: 000000000000000
  Root Access:    ROOTED

write imei ok:


Writing HW ID ...ok
Connect to device ...
Device Authentication ...
Writing IMEI ... ok, You need reboot device
Time used : 1.8 s

but still 00000000000000/01

how to solve it?:confused:

baseband ok