[GUIDE] : How Download Nokia/Lumia Firmware with BEST

Hi all.
There lot of questions about NaviManager NOT work.
Yes, it true – old Nokia server is closed. And it will not back anymore.

But there is still exists ability to download latest FW.
Open BEST ( v2.17 or newer with NaviBase v1.04 or newer )

  • Select need RM-xxx :

  • Select in FW Version list "QUERY_LATEST" or "SW_ENO_QUERY_LATEST" :

  • Select need ProductCode :

  • Select Need Option ( External Download Manager , if need and Open Product after load complete )
  • Press "Download" button :

  • Wait, until operation will be finished ( if used "Only Links" mode – you will have links in your IDM )

  • Done!

IF you NOT SEE "QUERY" option in SW version list – that mean you can’t download FW for need RM right now.

Q : What to do?
A : Use next Ways



  • Wait for next update 😉