[GUIDE] How to get Help if you face some error or bug?

Please follow these thumb rules to get faster and better help:

1. Always post Screenshot and log of operation you carried out.

2. Don’t make excuse that you didn’t have logs as they are automatically saved to \Logs folder.

3. Always omit your Card Serial and IMEI from Screenshot or Logs.

4. If Product Manager/Supporter asks for anything, please provide it.

5. Sometimes we may ask you to post some very basic information, you must provide it too.

6. We are human being, so don’t expect robotic reply from us, it may take time to read your post and reply, so have patience.

7. Posting your problem once is enough, making multiple post will never help you faster, and sadly, it will only annoy us making whole process slow.

8. Don’t hijack others thread. For example, don’t post you problem in someone’s success thread. Make own thread instead.

9. Please don’t add reference to any other products, either good or bad, like "Not done with XYZ, but done with UMT", or "Not done with UMT, but done with XYZ". Any such post will be deleted.

10. Always try to search for similar issue on forum first. Most of the times, issue you are facing is not new, and has already been answered/solved.

Thank you for being our valued user.

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