[GUIDE][UNOFFICIAL-Tested] Unbrick Your Hard Bricked Yureka/Yureka Plus

When Handset Show only Qualcomm Hs-usb Qdloader-9008
What will you need?

• A dead Yureka/Yureka Plus.
• A PC/Laptop.
• A 16GB or above MicroSD Card.
• Win32DiskImager
• eMMC image of Yureka. Download
• Yureka/Yureka Plus fastboot images. Download
• Fastboot flashing tools package. Download
• Knowledge of how to use fastboot.
• A little brain and common sense.

• Connect your MicroSD card to PC in mass storage mode using any card reader or old phone which supports mass storage mode.

• Format your MicroSD card in FAT32 format, quick format will work.

• Extract Yureka’s eMMC image to a folder it will take some time and it will be of 14.5 GB after extracting.

• Install Win32DiskImager and write Yureka’s eMMC image to your MicroSD card. Kindly select the right drive letter for your SD card otherwise your will severely damage any other drive or your PC hard disk.

• After successful completion of writing eMMC backup image to SD card, insert the MicroSD card in your device and remove all sim cards. Insert battery into your device now.

• Extract the contents of the fastboot images into a folder.

• Extract the contents of the flashing tools zip into the same folder
To make sure, check that system.img, boot.img etc files are in the same folder as flash-all.bat, fastboot.exe etc

• Connect your phone in fastboot mode, steps for which are : –
A. Press and hold the Volume Up key
B. With the Volume Up key, connect the phone to your PC/Laptop with USB cable
C. You can let go off the Volume Up key when the display lights up and shows random colored lines in case of Yureka Plus or (Fastboot mode/ Any other random thing which I don’t know since I don’t have Yureka to test) in case of Yureka.

• Run flash-all.bat by double clicking on it.

• A command window will open and flashing procedure will start

• DO NOT disconnect the device during flashing procedure

• The command window will close after the flashing process is over.

• Disconnect the USB cable, remove the microSD card and boot the phone normally by long pressing the Power button.
After This Process Need Flsh Your SEt With Fastboot Sign Firmware
Original Post Here i just Follow ANd Sucessfully Recovered My Phone
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