Haier c381 error in flashing

Hello sir

i received this set in condition of call logs not showing like dailed no. incoming no. not show any other number show…. so i flashed it with file from support area but stop with error

here is log

Module Ver. : 3.1
Com Port : COM84 : HS-USB Wireless Diagnostics 3004 (COM84)
Baud Rate : 921600
Device : Haier C381
Operation : Flash
Port opened.
Reading Information…
Compile : Sep 09 2014 09:53:33
Release : Jun 25 2009 11:00:00
Hw Ver. : S001
ESN : 802AB8BA
MEID : A1000045A271CE
BUILD : HC-C381_R-S001
Switching to download mode…
Waiting for phone to reconnect…
Reconnect OK.
Preparing phone..
Sending bootloader…
Executing Bootloader…
Bootloader running OK.
Executing background tasks…
Initializing Flash Chip…
Flash Chip : SPANSION S29VS128Rd
Chip Size : 16 MB
Flash File : HC-C381_R-S001.BIN
File Size : 16 MB
Writing Flash…
Protecting Bootloader…
Error writing flash! Data:7E0E4552523A205769
Operation failed!
Port closed.
Elapsed Time: 07:31

plz. help