have an issue with cm2spd 1.14

am trying to run latest cm2spd v1.14 ani I get error:

Dongle firmware [0129] is out of date !

however, when trying to upgrade firmware then I get error:


Box/Dongle type selected: inf
Box/Dongle found: inf
---------- Process started: 10/02/2016 17:22:49 ----------
DongleManager [Infinity-Box] v1.61 [10/02/2016 17:22:49]
PC HWID: AB9D94F9959E580CA7B52B5A3B2D45A1
Card-Reader: Gemalto e-gate Smart Card 0
HWID: 0000D19600001942
Type: inf S/N: 7557DXXX Version: 0129.02
Connecting to server
Server connection successfully established
Checking DongleManager version...
Your DongleManager is up-to-date
Checking Dongle Identification...
Authenticating on server...
Authentication stage error:
Server reported error:[0007] No more upgrade logs.
Dongle is up-to-date and has latest firmware. DO NOT try more !

How should I proceed?