Hello admin pls check

pls with all due respect kindly lookup to my brothers account ‘olubolajames’ xprt.ngnr@yahoo.com was banned for probably someone reported ‘allgsmunlock’ he spammed meanwhile check all is post is a very delligent member since onset "2006" and you should check the so call allgsmunlock he is really a SCAM he has really hurt my buisness NO SUPPORT,3 DAY JOB TAKING ALMOST 2 MONTH,SOME JOBS SAYS SUCCESS BUT NOT DONE,NO REFUND and lots more.olubolajames has a good knowledge of how remote unlock works though theres sometimes delays and refund but trust my word ALLGSMUNLOCK is so ridiculous and i responded in is post because is a just cause pls activate my brothers account back and don’t encourage someone scamming forum members…thanks in anticipation