HELP!!! How to write this file with CM2 (from backup)

I have problem to write back backup file from CM2, My phone now is dead.I format it for unlock security code. Before format i already make backup.
But now i dont know how to write back this file cause have different format.
Now i have 5 files from backup like this’
1. C19_DHX_CAM_V2_W3.V1.0.cfg – 4kb
2. C19_DHX_CAM_V2_W3_PCB01_gprs_MT6260_S00_BOOTLOADER _V005.C19_DHX_CAM_V2_W3.V1.0.bin – 9kb
4. ROM – 7.852kb
5. VIVA – 5.702kb

Anyone have idea? or maybe supported can help me. Thanks.