Help! LeTV Max Screen Broke…Where to fix?!

Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone here can help!

I am from Vancouver Canada and after 3 Samsung Note 5’s stopped getting reception I made the switch to LeTV Max and ordered from China (Aliexpress).

I dropped it yesterday and smashed the screen! I am a Realtor and use the phone 24/7 for work and now I’m devistated !! No local shops seem to be able to fix the screen so I am seeing on Aliexpress I can buy the screen and digitizer for 160 CAD but not sure if the shops will install for me.

I am not tech savvy to repair the phone myself and I desperately need it.

Anyone here know a place that can fix it??

I’d pay good money if anyone has a solution for me other than ordering a brand new one :S

Thx in advance!