Help me for find correct rom for Sc-03E (i9305)

Phone Info 😮


Fw.Ver : BstKey V3.29
Serial : x-x-x-x
Active User: Syed Tuqeer
PL2303 :  2013-02-05 (OK)
Best Smart Tools, Load OK.

Scanning devices ... 1 found
  Mode:          offline
  Your device is offline, try follow steps to solve this problem:
    1. diable and re-enable your device USB debug
    2. reboot your device
    3. restart adb service
    4. change a usb cable or usb port.

Scanning devices ... 1 found
  Manufactory:    SAMSUNG
  Model:          GT-I9305
  Hardware:      SMDK4X12
  Mode:          normal
Download: Press Vol Dn + Home + Power

UART Cable Resistor: 523 K
Cables: MicroUART
Interface: Auto, Change UART when request

Read Info/Flashing/UserLock/Backup:
Cables: MicroUSB
Interface: Auto

Checking environment ...
System Info
  Display ID:    CAIN.GSI
  System Ver:    4.3 REL
  API Level:      18
  Incremental:    I9305XXUENE4
  Model:          GT-I9305
  Brand:          samsung
  Device:        m3
  Platform:      exynos4
  Language:      en
  Rigion:        GB

Device Info
  SerialNumber:  42f64d09c6d3bf2b
  Hardware:      smdk4x12
  Model:          m3
  PDA Version:    I9305XXUENE4
  Phone Version:  SC03EOMUBND2
  Bootloader ver: SC03EOMUBND2
  Ril HW ID:MP 0.700
  Sales Code:   
  Model ID:     
  Get Bluetooth info failed
  Get WI-FI info failed
  Network [1]:    GSM    IMEI: 3539860513685xx
  Root Access:    No root

Time used : 2.3 s

for more phone info…i9305-2042146/