Help me P8 lite Tag-L01

on the site of FuriousGold I read the supported models of the p8 lite

Huawei P8 lite series:
•P8lite ALE-CL00
•P8lite ALE-L01
•P8lite ALE-L02
•P8lite ALE-L03
•P8lite ALE-L04
•P8lite ALE-L21
•P8lite ALE-L22
•P8lite ALE-L23
•P8lite ALE-L32
•P8lite ALE-TL00
•P8lite ALE-UL00

I have a p8 Tag-lite l01! You enter the code * # * # 2846579 # * # *

I get so and I can not rewrite imei

Help me!!!! :mad::mad: