Help S4 SGH i337M

Just got the BST Dongle a few days ago in the hopes to be able to repair the IMEI of this device.

The BST dongle reads the device just fine if I use a Micro-USB cable directly from the BST Dongle, Then connect the A-B Dongle and plug it into the PC.

However; Obviously I need to use the UART Cable.
I was provided the R523k UART Cable. When I plug both ends of this into the BST dongle, then plug the microusb end into the S4 it’s unable to detect or scan the device.


Scanning devices ... 1 found
  Manufactory:    SAMSUNG
  Model:          SGH-I337M
  Hardware:      QCOM
  Mode:          normal

Scanning devices ... 0 found

The first attempt, is just simply with the MicroUsb
The second is with the UART Cable.

Image Examples of MicroUSB SetUp:
i . imgur . com / IVmJFaK . jpg

Image Example of UART SetUP:
i . imgur . com / 9s8GS5a . jpg

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Any suggestions in assistance to resolve this issue would be amazing! Please let me know I’m doing something wrong here?