Help, Samsung S3 i9300 – Deep Dead

Last week i got in my hand, my friend’s Samsung S3 (i9300) having its horor, the great "BOOTLOOP"…
It’s can get both in download mode and recovery mode. product name still shown as I9300.
I tried wipe data/cache, but failed with red font "can’t mount bla..bla..bla.."
So next step, tried to flash with odin and several firmwares, also result in "error writing". Full firmware and pit repartition also cannot repair the phone.
After all I have done, the S3 i9300, seems nothing change, still enable to get in download, recovery mode and still shown battery image in seconds when plugged in the charger.
After doing research jobs, all points go to one condition, eMMC damaged.
So I decided to remove the eMMC, and the problem begin….
Just before I remove eMMC, I tried once again to connect to my laptop, and still detected.
After I removed the glued eMMC nicely, I tried to connect the S3 i9300 to laptop and nothing happen, not detected at all, no "ding" when connected, no sign of new device in device manager, just nothing and the phone is dead.
Then I reball and replant the eMMC to board and still, I got no sign of the phone from my laptop. just nothing at all, still dark deep dead phone.
The main board condition just as clean as it can be, Exynos IC seems in glues good in its place, no sign of blast of tins, so the other ic, no sign of tins blast, cause I do cover neighbour components with aluminum plate when hot air-ing the eMMC.
I tried to power on the phone using power supply at 4,2V. Its shown 0.1-0.2 amp on PS about 15-20 seconds and down to 0.
So I get here, to ask for help from samsung hardware gurus.

My questions:
– Is it normal, pc cannot detect s3 i9300 at all when eMMC removed?
– Is it normal the phone in deep dead when eMMC totally damaged?
– can somebody please help me, to show me, what testpoint to check on main board and what should i do in this situation?
– Please somebody, can you share samsung i9300 service manual and full schematic download links?

Please help, sir.