help with new box error.

have done all the above instruction for fix the imei but this is the error i’m getting. phone is rooted. this is a new box so this is my 1st phone and i’m getting this error.

Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software version 2.2.5
To connect GT-N7105 phone you have to perform the following steps:
1. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
2. Go to Menu->Settings->Developer options.
3. Turn on "USB Debugging" option.
4. When message is appear press "Yes".
5. Go to dial window.
6. Enter "*#7284#" number.
7. Set "UART" radio button to "MODEM" value.
8. Go to "Qualcomm USB Settings".
9. Select "DM+MODEM+ADB".
10. Press Home button.
11. Go to dial window.
12. Enter "*#9090#" number.
13. Select "DM/UM over HSIC".
14. Restart phone.
15. Press "Read Info" in software.
Platform: Samsung Android
Selected port: COM101
Selected model: GT-N7105
Mode: Normal
Phone model: GT-N7105
Firmware compiled date: Apr 16 2014
Firmware compiled time: 16:43:01
Firmware released date: Apr 16 2014
Firmware released time: 16:43:01
SW version: M9615ACEHWMAZD179599
Old IMEI: 004400-15-202000-0
New IMEI: 353845-05-507681-5
Creating NVM backup
Reading NVM done!
Proper android device not found. Make shure that "USB debug" option
on the device is turned on.
Write IMEI failed
Performed by 2.2.5 software version