Help.. Zenfone 5..No Fastboot, No Droidboot, No recovery..

please help me to fix..

zenfone 5,..

before i endeed up with this problem.. the phone problem is stuck on ASUS logo because of upgrading via OTA with wifi..resulting to bootloop..

since i fix this kind of problem before.. i try again with the same firmware.. i finished flashing boot, recovery and fastboot img.. and when i reboot to go to recovery to be able to flash sideload,.. the phone is not boot up. try to power manually the usb logo appear..

i charged and try power on via power button + volume up.. it cant boot to droidboot/fastboot it asus logo forever.. try power button + volume down nothing happen, i try power button + volume up + volume down also nothing happen..i think my droidboot/fastboot is corrupted..

how to flash back my stock recovery/fastboot/droidboot?:eek::eek:

the only chance right now is in CLOVERVIEW detected in my device manager…

help me…

tnx a lot…:D