How can i know the Process start time

Mr Aunlock Support

i have read the description for your iCloud remove service as good

your Note is
[Important Note About Delivery Time: Once Order in Proccess after that start Estimated Delivery Time (Working Days) so please talk with your customer first before submit order, Thanks]

that is OK, but how can i know the Process start time, you don’t add a section for [Process start time] for can i calculate the real service time.

My Order info

Login id of Aunlock: MrAmirSoftware
Order id:
In Process
rvice name:
iCloud Removing (All in One) Service – LOST/ERASED –
CLEAN/PREMIUM – All Supported (ID Info. need for this service)


i make order for Remove iCloud from 8 August 2016, My order still in process so far
in first order i make ID info Check and that is Success in 24 Hours that is good.

PayPal freez my account for 14 Days for verification about my identity that what you asked from them , but no problem every thing is OK and PayPal verified my account and i Add Funds to my account and make my iCloud Remove Order.
all this Process take a lot of time than what i say for my customer , my order time is 1-20 Day + PayPal verification time is 14 Days + my order is in Processing so far

Please i need to some help for Know anything about my Order, what will doing, are that will Rejected or what, My Customer will lose Confidence about my work.
i make one Order for test your Service, in first info Check Order is very good service, and your asking for my identify is very good service too, but what about all this time what i will say to my customers in next process
i have more Orders but i can’t make order after testing your services
so far my Order is so late
Please i need to help

I hope you understand my suggestion

Thanks for your time