How it is to repair broken iphone screen most cost-effective solution?

  Whenever his beloved iphone screen broke, unfortunately, many people’s first reaction is to go to the Genius Bar reservation change screen! This method is actually a very high cost, but also a waste of time. Short then wait a week or two as long as a month or two and so on. At the same time, we must know, go to the store for the screen, the cost of a new phone fast to catch up. So, here, I’m going to teach you one of the most cost-effective method is the most time-saving the most money!

  What is the method?

  The best way to repair than their own! Many people worry that this is difficult, in fact, have not been difficult, I will do it repaired. In this regard there are many online tutorials or video, they can Soso. Also, buy a piece of their online iphone screen, touch of his hand, it can easily be resolved. (Recommended to ydtparts official website, I usually just there to buy) you know, a screen only tens of dollars to a hundred dollars, but cheaper than going to the store service more than doubled, but can not wait for the time, is not very cost-effective too!

  Now the church has given you! If they are for their own broken iphone screen and distress, it is in accordance with the method I said do it!