How to access v1.56 server (Old)

As we announced it before, old server will be online for limited time period.
We kept it online 24h per day for weeks, so everyone could obtain license and get all the files which are usable with 1.56 version.

Now i see that some users didn’t understood what they had to do.

From today, date June 1. 2016:

– v1.25 RIFF Server (OLD) will be online by the Sunday, June 5th 2016
– Starting from Monday, June 6th, server will run only 2 hours on daily basis for two weeks, from 12:00 to 14:00 CET (Central Europe Time).

What You should do, in case that You haven’t downloaded all available files ?

1. Register torrent tracker account at Riffbox Server :: Login
2. Download available torrents
3. Download Licenses from Server

If You have BroadBand internet connection, You can simply click "Check for updates" and download everything.

After this extended period ends, to obtain license You will have to contact me directly via QQ or ICQ.