How to bypass samsung reactivation lock tested 1000%

before we start all glory and honour be unto g o d almighty

things needed

1.otg flash drive
2.go launcher apk
3.your brain/ your hands

to bypass all reactivation lock but anytime u restart phone it will come back again..

so after restart just plugin otg again and install
go launcher finish.

note to bypass reactivation you need to buy otg usb drive any size of your choose..

1.otg usb drive go launcher latest version
3.copy go launcher inside your otg usb drive
4..plug in ur otg drive into phone wait small file manager will popup now install ur go laucher and after installing click run..
5..your problem is solved ok..

note..make sure you put simcard and memory card u intend to use with the phone so that you will not bother again..

goodluck to all who is looking for this solutions ok..