How to downgrade SL3/PA_SIMLOC30 phone:

How to downgrade SL3/PA_SIMLOC30 phone:
1. Backup RPL and full PM
2. Erase phone using ATF any SL3 phone
3. Flash with your desire (lower) version
4. Write backup RPL – for fix IMEI
5. Write PM120 – for fix SIMLocks
6. Now SD is protected and PM308,1 cannot be rewritten – but don’t worry with ATF new feature You can do it also [Repair SuperDongle from IMEI and Locks, tick to SD repair and click execute button]
7. Write PM 1 and 309 with SX4
8. You are done and phone should be repaired )

PS: for RAPIDO phones – You must have ENO file, else, it would not power on.

Bye bye Nokia 40$ RPL 😛

1. Backup RPL [FLASH Certificates] – (NPC, CCC, HWC, Varient, PARTNERC).
* In IMEI and LOCKS tab -> IMEI tab -> Backup RPL and Process…
2. Backup important PM
* In PM tab – tick Backup Important PM and Process…
3. ERASE flash chip
* Settings tab -> Nokia Settings -> tick (Allow SL3 Phone FULL Flash Chip Erase).
* In Flashing tab -> EraseFlash tab -> Scan after Erase…
4. Flash ENO file
* Select only ENO file at MCU place…
* Eno file is mandatory for RAPU and RAPIDO Phones… if RAP3, RAP4 – doesn’t matter.
5. FULL Flash with 11.0.079 version:
* Tick Factory Reset (Optional)…
6. Write RPL backup.
* In IMEI and LOCKS tab -> Write RPL and Process.
7. Authorize Phone with ATF Network
* If old hash phone – no need authorize it..
8. Repair Super dongle data and Wirte important PM backup.
* In PM tab -> Stand Alone SX4 and Write Important PM backup…
PM[1, 309] – contains RF tunning/battery callibration data
PM[4] – contains Production data
PM[120] – contains SIMLocks data and SIMLocks data key
PM[308] – contains Superdongle data – It failed.. because Write-Protected but we repaired it upper already with ATF Network
PM[341] – contains CMLA_KEYS/WMDRM_PD

* SD Check – to Test Security…
All Passed :O) Phone is fully downgraded and repaired.
Yup,,, perform a "CMLA Key Repair" on this phone..

It is similar to SD Repair, and you will find it in the ATF Software 9.40 and above (9.51).

Look for it near the "Decrypt PM 120 HASHES" option in the Simlock menu of ATF.
Hope that helps to everyone!
How to BACKUP SIMLOCK from Phones which cannot get LOCAL MODE :

First way:

ERASE NPC data of Phone. How to:

– Backup RPL of your Phone…
– Write any other BB5 Phone RPL using "Write RPL" button from IMEI and LOCKS tab -> IMEI tab
– If phone gets local mode – Readout PM120 … :O)

Second way:

– Write Blank PPM file to Phone. Supported RAPIDO Phones only… :O)
– If phone gets local mode – Readout PM120 … :O)

Third way:

– Write ENO file to Phone. Supported RAPIDO and RAPU Phones only… :O)
– If phone gets local mode – Readout PM120 … :O)


  • rpl file CMLA