How to flash LG P700 ?

I am trying to flash LG P700 but give-me error, see log

Connecting with P700
Receiving phone info
Getting phone info
Model: P700
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Software Platform: Android
SDRAM Size: 1 GB
NAND Flash Size: 4 GB
Connect mode: Emergency
Info received
Flashing firmware from C:/Documents and Settings/Hugo/Ambiente de trabalho/Gsm box oficiais/Lgtools/Lg firmwares/p700/LGP700AT-00-V10a-EUR-XX-APR-17-2012+0.sbf
File reported model: P700
Checking Firmware File…
Checking Firmware File: OK
Checking Emergency Mode…
Mode: Emergency
Checking connect in Emergency Mode…
Checking connect in Emergency Mode: OK
Set Trust Mode…
Set Trust Mode: OK
Get DloadParams…
Get DloadParams: OK
Send Partition Table…
Protocol: Invalid response:
Action cancelled