How to flash mtk scatter ?

Hi team !

I have phone Meizu use CPU MediaTek MT6795 and it was dea boot, but I do not have the file dump. i have scatter file, how to flash file mtk scatter to eMMC ? :confused:


Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.
Loading eMMC Addon Firmware… IO: 2800 mV
Box S/N: 0100900689D94975, ,FW Ver.: 01.55
CMD Pullup Level:2134 mV
CMD Active Level:2578 mV
Box IO Level:2800 mV
CLK Rate:14000 khz
HiPower™ mode is off!
eMMC Device Information
EMMC CID : 15010042474E443352014E86E8137236

EMMC CSD : D02701320F5903FFF6DBFFEF8E40400C

EMMC Manufacturer ID: 0015 , OEM ID: 0100
EMMC Date: 07/2015 Rev.0x1
EMMC NAME: <b>BGND3R</b> , S/N: 1317464083
EMMC NAME (HEX): 42474E44335200
EMMC ROM1 (Main User Data) Capacity: 29820 MB
EMMC ROM2 (Boot Partition 1) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC ROM3 (Boot Partition 2) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) Capacity: 4096 kB
EMMC Permanent Write Protection: No
EMMC Temporary Write Protection: No
Extended CSD rev 1.7 (MMC 5.0)

Boot configuration [PARTITION_CONFIG: 0x48] Boot from:ROM2 (Boot Partition 1)
Boot bus config [177]: 0x00 , width 1bit , Partition config [179]: 0x48.
H/W reset function [RST_N_FUNCTION]: 0x01

High-capacity W protect group size [HC_WP_GRP_SIZE: 0x00]

Partitioning Support [PARTITIONING_SUPPORT]: 0x07

Device support partitioning feature

Device can have enhanced tech.

Partitioning Setting [PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETED]: 0x00

Backup saved: BGND3R_1317464083_20160527_2209.extcsd
Searching for partition tables…
Detected GPT over MBR…
Medium UUID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Warning: Entries Count = 21
MMCBLK0P0 (PROINFO) Range: [0X80000,0X77FE00] ,Len: 700000
MMCBLK0P1 (NVRAM) Range: [0X780000,0XC7FE00] ,Len: 500000
MMCBLK0P2 (DEVINFO) Range: [0XC80000,0XCBFE00] ,Len: 40000
MMCBLK0P3 (RSTINFO) Range: [0XCC0000,0X20BFE00] ,Len: 1400000
MMCBLK0P4 (PROTECT1) Range: [0X20C0000,0X2ABFE00] ,Len: A00000
MMCBLK0P5 (PROTECT2) Range: [0X2AC0000,0X34BFE00] ,Len: A00000
MMCBLK0P6 (SECCFG) Range: [0X34C0000,0X34FFE00] ,Len: 40000
MMCBLK0P7 (LK) Range: [0X3500000,0X355FE00] ,Len: 60000
MMCBLK0P8 (BOOT) Range: [0X3560000,0X455FE00] ,Len: 1000000
MMCBLK0P9 (RECOVERY) Range: [0X4560000,0X595FE00] ,Len: 1400000
MMCBLK0P10 (SECRO) Range: [0X5960000,0X5F5FE00] ,Len: 600000
MMCBLK0P11 (PARA) Range: [0X5F60000,0X625FE00] ,Len: 300000
MMCBLK0P12 (LOGO) Range: [0X6260000,0X6A5FE00] ,Len: 800000
MMCBLK0P13 (CUSTOM) Range: [0X6A60000,0X26A5FE00] ,Len: 20000000
MMCBLK0P14 (EXPDB) Range: [0X26A60000,0X2745FE00] ,Len: A00000
MMCBLK0P15 (TEE1) Range: [0X27460000,0X2795FE00] ,Len: 500000
MMCBLK0P16 (TEE2) Range: [0X27960000,0X27FFFE00] ,Len: 6A0000
MMCBLK0P17 (SYSTEM) Range: [0X28000000,0X87FFFE00] ,Len: 60000000
MMCBLK0P18 (CACHE) Range: [0X88000000,0XA27FFE00] ,Len: 1A800000
MMCBLK0P19 (USERDATA) Range: [0XA2800000,0X746B7FE00] ,Len: 6A4380000
MMCBLK0P20 (FLASHINFO) Range: [0X746B80000,0X747B7FE00] ,Len: 1000000
Done…Presets has been updated…


pls help me…….:(