How to install Infinity CM2 Dongle – Tutorial

Step 1 – Install necessary files

Link – Index of pub//software/updates/

Step 2 – Install Drivers

Link – Index of pub/drivers/
** If you are a BB5 BEST Dongle user skip step 2

Step 3 – Install Shell And DongleManager

Link – Index of pub/

Step 4 – Create folders "DongleManager" and "Languages"

–folder locations are marked in image–

CONNECT DONGLE (If already connected, then don’t mind)

Step 5 – Run "Shell" from desktop
go-to "settings" tab

(Dongle need to be connected before starting this step and wait till all drivers get installed)

Step 6 – Copy "English.ini"

go-to — C:\InfinityBox\Languages
copy — "English" (English.ini file)
paste at — C:\InfinityBox\DongleManager\Languages

Step 7 – Run DongleManager (From "Shell" or from C drive)

Step 8 – Upgrade Dongle Firmware

Register Name &E-mail and Upgrade —